NL: REACH Helpdesk publishes infographic REACH-CLP

30 June 2016

The Dutch REACH Helpdesk has published an infographic about the processes involved in a REACH registration. It explains where REACH and CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) are connected. It also makes clear what happens with the dossiers that are submitted. Labelling and packaging are discussed in the overview about CLP. When a substance or mixture has a classification this has consequences for the labelling and packaging. When it comes to labelling, think of the use of hazard pictograms, signal words and precautionary measures. In the field of packaging this can involve child resistant closures and tactile warnings of danger (Gevaarlijke Lading, 29 June 2016).
Click here for the original news item (in Dutch).
Click here for the infographic of the Dutch REACH Helpdesk (in Dutch).

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