NL: Higher yields and lower costs if beverage cartons are collected separately

03 June 2014

The Dutch Knowledge Institute on Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) has published an additional report on the results of the pilot on beverage cartons in 2013. In this pilot several collection schemes for beverage cartons were investigated, including a co-collection scheme for plastic packaging waste and beverage cartons.
The report is partly based on research by the WUR/Aachen. Based on calculations the results show that – if beverage cartons were to be separately collected on a national level – the percentage of reusable material would increase, the total costs would decrease and the environmental effects would be higher, when compared to the pilot (Press Release KIDV, 15 May 2014).
Click here for the press release (291 kB, in Dutch).
Click here for the KIDV report (1.5 MB, in Dutch).
Click here for the report on possible contamination (414 kB, in Dutch).
Click here for the report on possible lower sorting yields (1.09 MB, in Dutch with an English summary).

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