NL: Independent supervision for crowdfunding

20 December 2016

Stichting Crowdfundersbelangen was founded in November 2016 as independent supervisory agency for businesses and organisations that are financed through crowdfunding. The foundation serves the collective interests of the investors/crowdfunders.
Lately, the crowdfunding sector has been under pressure because of some incidents that were put in the spotlight in the media. It is essential that the trust in the sector will not be damaged any further. The foundation wants to contribute to this by supervising the businesses and organisations that are crowdfunded during the entire term of the funding (Press Release Stichting Crowdfundersbelangen, 9 December 2016).
Click here for the press release (in Dutch).
Click here for more information about the foundation (in Dutch).
Click here for more information on the NVC Innovation project Crowdfunding for Packaging Innovation.

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