Environment and sustainability – January 2022

04 February 2022

Rules and regulations in the EU
EU: The EC has adopted the revised Regulation on waste shipments and published Q&As. The EC has also adopted a revised Recommendation on the use of Environmental Footprint methods and the EC has announced the kick-off of the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform. EUROPEN reports that the industry has issued a joint proposal (566 kB) to establish an EU harmonised model for consumer sorting instructions as part of the PPWD revision. A study (3.01 MB) by the EC shows that EU polluters do not pay for the environmental damage that they cause. In a new report (2.12 MB) ECHA states that REACH requirements need to be considered in chemical recycling. FEICA has updated the guide (170 kB) on terminology and definitions for adhesives in packaging recycling. Belgium: Regulations (in Dutch, 753 kB) transposing the SUP directive have been published in the OJ. France: The government gives an overview (in French) of changes as of 1 January 2022 including the ban plastic packaging for certain fruit and veg. Germany: ZSVR has published information (252 kB) on the extended deposit obligation for certain single-use beverage packaging that entered into force on 1 January 2022. ZSVR also reports on the extension of the registration requirement to all types of packaging that will apply from 1 July 2022. Ireland: The government reports that the regulations (227 kB) for a DRS have been signed. The government has also launched a Circular Economy Strategy (3.31 MB) for 2022-2023. Italy: CONAI (in Italian) states that the labelling requirements have been postponed (in Italian) until 1 July 2022. Latvia: As of 1 February 2022 the new DRS (in Latvian) is in force. NL: On 18 November 2021, a general consultation (minutes in Dutch, 186 kB) on the circular economy took place. The Waste Fund ( in Dutch) is going to set up a network of circular hubs where consumers can return deposit cans as of 31 December. ILT (in Dutch) has imposed charges under penalty for heavy glass for spirits. RVO has published the Environment List 2022 (in Dutch) with investments for which you can apply for fiscal advantage (MIA/Vamil). KIDV has published the 2022 version of the Recycle Check for rigid plastic packaging (in Dutch): PET trays are now "well recyclable.” CBL (in Dutch) has published the 2020 Packaging Report (in Dutch, 1.5 MB).

Rules and regulations outside the EU
Australia: APCO has launched a report (2.74 MB) outlining actions required to achieve the 2025 packaging targets. Canada: The government has published draft regulations prohibiting certain SUPs for public comment. Israel: The government reports that the DRS has been extended to large bottles as of 1 December 2021. Switzerland: In December 2021, a ban on free SUP bags was discussed (in French) in Parliament. UK: The government has unveiled plans to ban certain SUPs and published guidance on the upcoming plastic packaging tax. The government also reports that the Environment Act has become law. The Scottish government reports that the DRS will now go live on 16 August 2023.

Other information
The WPO has published a position paper (2.39 MB) on different approaches to sustainability in 18 countries. Utrecht University research has found nanoplastics in the Alps. The annual WUR NL monitor (2.06 MB) shows a decreasing amount of plastics in stomachs of fulmars. A new report (47.5 MB) by FAO suggests that plastic pollution is also contaminating our agricultural soils. FiliGrade reports the kick-off of Food2Food 2.0, a coalition with a focus on an industrial test of CurvCode, a digital watermark for sorting plastics. KIDV has published the fact sheet Inks - printing on packaging and packaging barometers (in Dutch) for cosmetics and soap and detergents. Lancaster University research published (246 kB) in the Journal of Industrial Ecology, takes a critical look at the circular economy concept. A TU Delft alumnus has won the James Dyson Award sustainability prize with his Plastic Scanner.

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