Marketing, sales and consumer behaviour – November 2020

01 December 2020

Packaging market
Smithers has identified 30 trends that support future growth in demand for packaging over the next 10 years. You can read more in a recent article.
FPA has published its 2020 State of the Flexible Packaging Industry Report. The report shows that the US flexible packaging industry is continuing to experience positive and steady growth. You can read more in a recent article (709 kB).
According to Smithers, the global metal packaging and coatings market will reach $112.4 billion in 2020. This represents a fall of $4.8 billion compared to 2019; as the industry, and especially industrial segments, reacts to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. You can read more in a recent article. Smithers has also published an infographic on the global market for single-use plastic packaging that you can download after filling in your details.

Gravure and inkjet printing
A special publication by Flexo+Tief-Druck for gravure printing has been published. You will receive the GRAVURE GLOBAL Edition 2021 by e-mail after filling in your details.
Smithers gives an overview of inkjet printing with a spotlight on COVID-19 in a recently published infographic that you can download after filling in your details.

What consumers want in chocolate packaging
Gold foil, ornate labels and an intriguing backstory are product characteristics highly desired by premium chocolate consumers, according to research by The Pennsylvania State University. An article (2.39 MB) about the research is published in PLOS ONE.

Consumer reaction to novel techniques
A recent survey (4.86 MB) from ECHA shows that citizens want better labelling of everyday products containing nanomaterials and increased awareness of the risks and benefits of these products.
Warsaw University of Life Sciences research (242 kB), published in Foods, studies the association between consumers’ perceptions of food quality and their acceptance of enhanced meat products and novel packaging.

Patient adherence
A National Healthcare Group Pharmacy study (148 kB), published in the Journal of Primary Care & Community Health, shows the potential of using a multidose medication packaging service to improve medication adherence among patients with common chronic conditions.

Consumers and the environment
The European Commission reports that, according to a new Eurobarometer survey, the economic situation is EU citizens' top concern in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Asked about the objectives of the European Green Deal, Europeans continue identifying ‘ ‘fighting against plastic waste’ as one of the top priorities.
According to University of Michigan researcher Shelie Miller, consumers tend to focus on the environmental impact of the packaging, rather than the impact of the product itself. In a review article (abstract) published in Environmental Science & Technology, Miller challenges beliefs unsupported by current scientific knowledge.
A recent consumer study (6.04 MB) by Tetra Pak reveals a food safety-environment dilemma fostered by the COVID-19 pandemic.
A McKinsey survey has found that, in these times, hygiene, shelf life, and convenience of packaging rank significantly higher than environmental impact for US consumers.

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