Marketing, sales and consumer behaviour – May 2022

03 June 2022

Packaging design
An Oxford University study (1.4 MB) published in Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications, highlights how the meaning attributed by consumers to the combination of different abstract visual cues, such as colour pairs or colour and shape, typically cannot be predicted simply on the basis of the response to the individual visual cues.
Researchers at TU Delft studied the effects of graphic design (text, images and stylistic features) to communicate consumer benefits on food packaging. An article (3.07 MB) about the research is published in Food Quality and Preference.
University of Southampton research (604 kB), published in the Journal of Business Research, looks at the influence of creative packaging design on customer purchase decisions.
ETH Zurich research (2.74 MB) published in Applied Ergonomics looks at the influence of packaging on consumers’ risk perception of chemical household products. The researchers found that the colour of the packaging can increase the risk perception whereas flowers and food-imitating elements on the packaging can decrease the risk perception.
On 28 April 2022, Rianne Hagen held a speech entitled “Proving packaging functionality as a starting point for a design trajectory” as part of her master assignment at the University of Twente. Chairman of the assessment committee was prof. Roland ten Klooster who holds the NVC Chair Packaging Design and Management.

Packaging market
A new report (801 kB) from IAI reveals that global aluminium demand will increase by almost 40% by 2030 and that the aluminium sector will need to produce an additional 33.3 Mt. Aluminium packaging will rise from 7.2Mt in 2020 to 10.5Mt in 2030, driven by an increase in the popularity of canned drinks across North America, Europe and China.
Rabobank has published an article on the European paper packaging market and the impact of the Ukraine crisis. The sector is seeing huge uncertainties related to energy. This – together with the supply and prices of raw materials and disruptions in transport and logistics – is causing margin pressure for paper packaging producers. This pressure will be felt via additional paper packaging price increases in the already stressed downstream supply chain. In another article, Rabobank experts discuss the inflation outlook for the next 12 months in North America for food packaging materials in light of the Russia-Ukraine war.

RPET - competitive advantages for firms in the bottled water and soft drinks industry
For his master thesis (summary, 209 kB) at WUR, Jesse Buitenhuis studied the effects of PET recycling policies on the creation of competitive advantages for firms in the bottled water and soft drinks industry. He concluded that specific PET recycling policies can lead to a competitive advantage, primarily in the out-of-home market.

Willingness to pay more for sustainable packaging
According to the 2022 Global Buying Green Report (3.36 MB) by Trivium Packaging, 86% of consumers among younger generations (<44) are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. This is 3% more than in 2021.

Prices for plastics
Dutch trade magazine Vraag en Aanbod publishes a weekly overview of the prices for plastics (in Dutch). The prices given are estimated averages between the gross prices published in the trade journals and the net prices.

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