Marketing, sales and consumer behaviour – June 2022

01 July 2022

Food packaging in 2040
UPM Specialty Papers and Smithers have surveyed 200 global packaging experts across the value chain to find out key trends driving the development of sustainable food packaging by 2040. The industry expects the global share of polymer-based packaging to fall by half over the next two decades, while fibre-based materials are projected to contribute to over 40% of all materials in use for food packaging. You will receive the report by email after filling in your details.

European plastics industry
K 2022 will take place from 19 to 26 October 2022 in Düsseldorf. In the period leading to the exhibition the organisation is publishing a number of trend reports. Recently a trend report was published with the title: “European plastics industry braces for increased instability, higher prices, and lower growth.” The European plastics industry is tackling challenges on multiple fronts. In packaging, by far its biggest market, it has become a victim of its own success, particularly as the ideal material for single-use applications and people on the move.

Packaging consumption in Germany from 1991 to 2020
Dvi (in German) and four other German packaging associations have published the results of a study (short version in German, 1.14 MB) by GVM. The study examines the development of the consumption of packaging in Germany across all materials from 1991 to 2020 and breaks down the causes according to individual factors. The study shows an increase of 1.7 million tonnes of packaging in the examined period.

Report about pet food
CRB has published a report about pet food. The annual value of the pet care industry is expected to increase to $275 billion by 2030. The report that you can download after filling in your details, contains a chapter on packaging.

67% of consumers worry about product authenticity
67% of consumers say they worry about product authenticity when buying goods for their friends and family, according to a new survey sponsored by Digimarc. You can read the report online after filling in your email address.

Cosmetic products packaging and consumer buying behaviour
DBIM research (222 kB) published in the Journal of Management in Practice, looks at the importance of the packaging of cosmetic products in consumer buying behaviour.

Food packaging design potential to support sorting behaviour
For his thesis (9.71 MB) at the University of Borås, Babak Nemat aimed to unfold the food packaging design potential to support sorting behaviour. The potential of design approaches, namely user-centered design (UCD), design for sustainable behaviour (DfSB) and design affordance, are also discussed.

Prices for plastics
Dutch trade magazine Vraag en Aanbod publishes a weekly overview of the prices for plastics (in Dutch). The prices given are estimated averages between the gross prices published in the trade journals and the net prices.

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