HRM and skills development – October 2023

31 October 2023

No staff? Hire a service robot!
The total number of service robots sold for professional use hit 158,000 units in 2022 - an increase of 48%. Shortage of staff is a strong driver for companies to automate. These and other findings are shared in the World Robotics 2023 Service Robots report by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR).

How to build an effective talent strategy for the packaging sector
A white paper by PMMI features accounts from companies in the packaging industry, detailing their resources and strategies for talent attraction, hiring and retention. The paper also emphasises the importance of continuous business education. You can download the white paper after filling in your e-mail address.

Micro-stress and burnout at work investigated
Employers are focusing on wellbeing in ways they never have before. Aon’s 2022-2023 Global Wellbeing Survey shows that mental health is the most frequently listed employee issue, named in the top five by 41% of respondents. The second most listed wellbeing challenge is burnout at 34%. You can download the report after filling in your details.

McKinsey analyses impact GenAI on future jobs and workflows
A podcast by McKinsey shares findings from McKinsey’s latest report on GenAI and explains why companies must pivot to embrace the technology itself and the deep and lasting changes it may create. Individual and organisational adaptability will be critical.

Hurix on AI and automation affecting the workforce
HurixDigital has published an article discussing the impact of AI and automation on workforce development trends. It highlights the importance of continuous learning and development in the workplace and the benefits of offering scope for workforce transformation.

PwC predicts significant change in jobs due to GenAI
PwC has published a report entitled “GenAI@Work - Is generative AI the silver bullet for the tight labour market in the Netherlands?” The report shows that more than 44% of 113 job types investigated are highly or very highly exposed to generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), such as ChatGPT. You can download the report after filling in your details.

Will GenAI kill the work of a professional editor in packaging?
In the run-up to the 70th NVC General Meeting of Members (30 November 2023) where we will apply GenAI all-over the packaging world, we asked ChatGPT the following: Write a 100 word article on how ChatGPT is going to kill the work of a professional editor in packaging. Read the answer below.
"Technological evolution is inevitable, and with the rise of ChatGPT, the traditional role of the professional editor in packaging might be under siege. ChatGPT, an AI model by OpenAI, is capable of generating high-quality textual content in real-time. This rapid text generation, combined with its ability to understand context, makes it a powerful tool in drafting, revising, and finalizing packaging content. While AI can streamline processes and eliminate certain manual tasks, it's essential to remember that human touch, creativity, and nuanced understanding are irreplaceable. The future might see a collaboration between AI and editors rather than a complete takeover."

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