HRM and skills development – May 2022

03 June 2022

The exam is over: who will pass for the Diploma NVC Packaging Professional?
Waiting in tension for the candidates who joined the NVC Packaging Professional exam on Friday 29 April 2022; who of them will be at the Live Hybrid graduation ceremony from the Best Western Plus Hotel in Gouda on 28 June 2022? The exam was organised simultaneously at certified exam locations in the cities of Warsaw (Poland), London (United Kingdom) and Nieuwegein (Netherlands). The exam committee will meet 27 May 2022 and candidates will know their results within a week of that date. The graduation ceremony starts at 3.30 PM CEST and before that the 6th NVC mini conference on the future of work and education in packaging will take place. You are welcome to attend both events. The next group of the NVC Course Programme in Packaging starts 21 September 2022.

Robots in the home, industry and healthcare
Can robots adapt their own working methods to solve complex tasks? Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have developed a new form of AI which, by observing human behaviour, can adapt to perform its tasks in a changeable environment. The hope is that robots which can be flexible in this way will be able to work alongside humans to a much greater degree.

Swiss investigate how and when human jobs can compete with robots
Swiss roboticists and economists from EPFL and University of Lausanne developed a method for estimating the probability of jobs being automated by future intelligent robots and suggesting career transitions with lower risks and minimal retraining effort. You can check the automation risk of jobs here.

The office of the future analysed by Cushman & Wakefield
In a recent report (1.09 MB), real estate office business Cushman & Wakefield shares their latest insights on the future of the office space, establishing three realities. Firstly, demand for office space is accelerating and secondly, hybrid is here to stay. However thirdly and most importantly, the role of the office has changed fundamentally, and the implications of this factor for office-using companies and workers are extensively discussed.

The employee experience in 13 Dutch business sectors analysed
Organisation consulting firm Integron (in Dutch) has measured how positive employees are about their employer in a survey of 5,100 respondents for 13 business sectors in the Netherlands. Integron uses the employee Net Promoter Score eNPS®, which characterises employees as Promoters (positive about their job or employer), Passives (neutral) or Detractors (negative). The various factors that influence work satisfaction are discussed in detail, together with the probability that the relevant group of employees is currently looking for another job. You can download the report after filling in your details (in Dutch).

Microsoft analyses workplace developments ever deeper
The Microsoft New Future of Work Report 2022 summarises recent research developments related to hybrid work, especially benefiting from Microsoft’s ownership of LinkedIn and its presence at the workplace through its administrative and increasingly communications software (Microsoft Teams). Download the extensive report (7.82 MB), discuss it via Teams with your colleagues aware that Microsoft may be recording and analysing you doing so.

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