HRM and skills development – March 2024

09 April 2024

The future of work: perspectives on automation, AI, and economic prosperity
The American Enterprise Institute AEI has published a an integrated report (1.2 MB) by different authors, analysing three aspects of work in tomorrow’s society: automation, AI and economic prosperity.

Employee insights offer blueprint to prepare the workforce for a future with AI
The future of work report (1.2 MB) by KPMG explores the perceptions of employees on the future of work amid post-pandemic recovery, fast AI advancements, geopolitical instability and a looming global recession. It helps leaders understand where their people are in their transformation journey today.

2024 Global Culture Report: A rigorous look at the evolving shape of work
A new report (17.28 MB) by O.C. Tanner examines the most pressing challenges and opportunities for how we manage change, show empathy, practice flexibility, build skills and develop resilience. The report also sheds light on the urgent needs of employees who make up a vast majority of industries.

Experts reveal learning & development trends for 2024
Skill gaps continue to increase in every industry and integrating new AI tools into learning solutions is difficult. Which skills are people leaders training this year and how are they embracing new trends to shape people’s growth? All is addressed in a recent report by Lepaya that you can download after filling in your details.

Working on gender equality: bad news from the international Women in Work Index
The Women in Work 2024 Report (3.98 MB) by PwC does not make for easy reading, as the data and underlying analysis show that gender equality in the OECD countries workforce is still far away. Without immediate action, we risk facing an even more unequal workplace of the future.

Next generation skills for ‘robotic’ workers
IFR has updated its position paper on skills needed by the next generation to qualify for the new robotic jobs. Citing reports by WEF, IFR stresses the importance of upskilling and reskilling of the workforce. You can download the position paper after filling in your details.

Ethical use guides C-level decisions about workforce preparation for AI
Deloitte has published a report entitled “Preparing the workforce for ethical, responsible, and trustworthy AI: C-suite perspectives.” The report (500 kB) outlines corporate priorities and actions to harness AI’s benefits while maintaining trust and equitable outcomes. Deloitte surveyed 100 C-level executives to understand how their organisations develop ethical AI principles, and how they inform and educate their workforces about AI ethics.

The second annual “Voice of the Essential Manufacturing Worker” Report
The manufacturing industry is a vital one, where frontline factory workers play an essential role in overseeing the processes that help ensure products are made accurately, quickly and efficiently. Epicor surveyed 600 frontline factory workers. The report (6.25 MB) reveals their daily successes, challenges and expectations.

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