HRM and skills development – January 2024

31 January 2024

The impact of automation in hospital pharmacy on staff workload and satisfaction
Researchers at the Monash University Malaysia examined the impact of pharmacy automation on the workload and satisfaction of hospital pharmacists and pharmacy assistants. They found that the use of an automated tablet dispensing and packaging system reduced pharmacy staff workload in medication handling and achieved user satisfaction. The study (201 kB) is published in the International Journal of Pharmacy Practice.

Talent acquisition trends report 2024: “Don’t invest all your faith in AI”
Korn Ferry has unveiled their latest research on the global talent acquisition trends for 2024. The report (9.2 MB) shares special remarks on the rapidly rising use of GenAI in advertising job openings as well as in promoting yourself as a professional to potential employers.

Latest insights on AI and its impact on the future of work, as seen by LinkedIn
Microsoft company LinkedIn has published their Future of Work Report: AI at Work. The report (1.32 MB) uncovers the latest real-time trends from a LinkedIn perspective on how AI is ushering a new world of work. An interesting add-on from the editors of this NVC MOU is to also read the following post on LinkedIn on applying AI yourself as LinkedIn user.

Empowering inclusive strength: the Women Count Report 2023
The Women Count Report 2023 by The Pipeline explores the gender dynamics within executive leadership roles of FTSE350 (UK stock index) companies. In its eighth annual report, The Pipeline reports a sobering reality: only 1 in 5 commercial roles is occupied by women. You can download the report after filling in your details.

PISA study results in: East-Asia, Canada, Ireland and Estonia best in class
OECD has released the PISA 2022 results. PISA is the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment. PISA measures 15-year-olds’ ability to use their reading, mathematics and science knowledge and skills to meet real-life challenges. In mathematics, five East Asian education systems (Japan, Korea, Singapore and the two China entities) outperformed all other countries and economies. In reading, behind Singapore, Ireland performed as well as Estonia, Japan, Korea and Chinese Taipei. In science, the highest performing countries are the same East Asian countries/entities plus Canada and Estonia. Access all here.

Global Insights Industrials Report 2024
The Global Insights Industrials Report 2024 (2.04 MB) by the ManpowerGroup focuses on the top five trends influencing the industry and its workforce. Zooming in on the use of AI and VR in manufacturing, nearly 6 out of 10 industrials sector hiring managers think that these will have a positive impact on their headcount in the next two years.

Strengthening the learning culture for innovation and better adaptability
The Dutch labour market has a strong focus on learning and development. This is due to the constant demand for adaptability and innovation in the workplace. The Learning Culture Monitor 2023 (in Dutch) by TNO (in Dutch) and the Social and Economic Council SER (in Dutch), further maps the trends in the learning culture of the Dutch workforce.

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