HRM and skills development – February 2023

28 February 2023

The future of occupational health and safety investigated
The world of work is changing rapidly. To understand the impact on occupational health and safety over the next 20 years, the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) commissioned RIVM and TNO to gain insight in the external future developments and their impact on health and safety at work. The study (in Dutch with an English summary, 3.03 MB) revealed a range of developments that will influence occupational health and safety.

Global Talent Trends 2022-2023 charted by Mercer
Nearly 11,000 executives, HR leaders, and employees told Mercer that ‘Relatable Organisations’ are leading the way in reshaping work and the workplace. Relatable Organisations have five things in common: they are constantly resetting for relevance, figuring out new ways to work in partnership, delivering on total well-being outcomes, building for employability, and harnessing collective energy to drive transformative change. You can download the report after filling in your details.

Effective workforce reporting for better decision making: CIPD study published
HR organisation CIPD has issued a report on Effective Workforce Reporting, revealing that organisations are unlikely to perform well in the long term unless decisions taken at board and executive management level are informed by an in-depth understanding of the value of their people. The report (534 kB) also offers practical tips for HR professionals to consider when working on or with people data, like engagement surveys.

Transforming human capital into competitive advantage: McKinsey shows the way
In a recent study, McKinsey identifies ‘P+P Winners’ (companies that focus on People + Performance) as achieving more consistent results and having greater earnings resilience then there competitors. They also have a superior ability to attract and retain talent. You can download the report after signing up.

Seven talent acquisition trends for 2023 identified
Korn Ferry experts have identified seven different talent acquisition trends for the job market in the coming year. You can download their report after filling in your details.

What job seekers wish employers knew
People’s desires regarding jobs vary depending on where they are on their career journey. In some instances, they may take a long-term view that includes planning their career trajectory. In others, they may have a job offer on the table and a decision to make. They may also be at a beginning or inflection point, considering a job or career change. BCG has analysed the current market and shares the insights in a report (564 kB).

Is Artificial Intelligence – if not ChatGPT - changing our future of work?
The Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA) of Maastricht University has published a policy brief (253 kB) providing firm-specific insights about whether and how workers (in-) directly affected by AI implementation, experience a change in their work and work environment. ROA interviewed 25 workers at two multinational private-sector companies that have recently implemented new AI applications. Although several workers were aware of threats such as technological replacement and highlighted humans‘ superiority in certain tasks, most workers acknowledged the added value of AI.

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