HRM and skills development – February 2022

28 February 2022

Congrats to new international graduates NVC Packaging Professional
On 21 January 2022 the exams for the international Diploma NVC Packaging Professional took place in London, Islamabad, Warsaw and Nieuwegein (The Netherlands). The total number of graduates is now 718.
Congrats to Pawel Banaszkiewicz, Reckitt; Amy Beekmans, The Kraft Heinz Company; Ronald Beverwijk, Marne Mosterd; Jeffrey Bouman, De Koningh Coding - Labeling - Inspection; Danyel Claassen, Berlin Packaging Netherlands; Rogier Engelbertink, DS Smith Packaging Netherlands; Jascha Geldtmeijer, Saica Flex Etten-Leur; Thomas Gerritzen, Vlastuin; Alkis Giannakis, Reckitt; Hans Ingeveld, CEP&P Competitive Edge Production & Packaging; Dirk van Kempen, Berlin Packaging Netherlands; Juliana Raimondo, The Kraft Heinz Company; Ingrid Raben, JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS RTL NL; Xhaleh Usaid, Reckitt; Karin Vermaat, Berlin Packaging Netherlands; Hanneke Vroman, Pally Biscuits BV; Ingeborg Wullink, One Circle and Shiyue Zhuang, Amgen Europe.
The next group in the NVC Course Programme in Packaging starts 23 March 2022; register here or contact NVC manager Education and Training Oscar Faber at or phone +31-(0)182-512411.

Business education trends in 2022 and beyond: artificial intelligence
In 2022 and in the years to come, all eyes will be on AI, says Barco in their recent report “Business education trends in 2022 and beyond: artificial intelligence”. In business education artificial intelligence will also be a key tech trend transforming it to become more efficient, impactful and tailored to individual needs. You can download the report after filling in your details.

Half of new engineering recruits lack the right skills
Less than half of new engineering recruits have either the necessary technical or soft skills needed for work within the industry, a new UK IET skills survey (5.5 MB) entitled “Skills and demand in industry report 2021” reveals.

Employee health and wellbeing of the workplace 2030+
One thing COVID-19 has done is throw employee wellbeing into the spotlight, with 41% of employees experiencing poor mental health where work was a contributing factor in 2020/21. An article by Investors in People highlights the main challenges and helps in setting the right strategy for the future workplace.

Skills passport might facilitate easier transfer in the labour market
Research (in Dutch, 2.67 MB) by TNO (in Dutch) and associated institutes in The Netherlands has shown that the introduction of a skills passport might be useful to facilitate easier transfer of workers from one job to another within the same or between different organisations.

Do’s and don’ts for organisations creating a hybrid work environment
With the effects of COVID-19 starting to subside, employers and employees are bracing for yet another shift — work in a post-pandemic market. Many employers are struggling with the decision to continue with the remote work model developed during the pandemic, bring all their employees back to fulltime on-site work or develop a new hybrid work model, which offers both remote and on-site work options. Randstad research reveals the wishes of employees and sketches the way forward in a new report. You can download the report “Do’s and don’ts for organisations creating a hybrid work environment” after filling in your details.

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