HRM and skills development – August 2020

08 September 2020

American packaging professionals speak out in Salary Survey 2020
Packaging World reports on the IoPP 2020 Salary Survey. Exactly 1197 contacts within the American Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) participated in the survey, anonymously answering questions on their salaries, job security, age, education and more. With an average respondent’s age of 44.4 years, 12% mentioned Corona and 9% job security as a source of concern. Despite this, more than 70% of respondents over the total still expect a pay rise. The full report can be purchased from the IoPP website.

Only 34% of workers satisfied with skills development investment
Nearly one third of global workers surveyed believe their employers are making significant investments in their professional development—however only a third feel satisfied, according to the recently released Deloitte and MIT Sloan Management Review (MIT SMR) 2020 Future of the Workforce report, ‘Opportunity Marketplaces: Aligning Workforce Investment and Value Creation in the Digital Enterprise.’ In contrast, nearly 75% of those surveyed agreed that effective skills development is essential to sustainable enterprise success. An executive summary of the report can be found here (1.74 MB).

OECD Employment Outlook 2020 on job security and COVID
OECD has published the 2020 edition of the OECD Employment Outlook. The report (6.91 MB) focuses on job security and the COVID crisis. Chapter 1 provides an initial assessment of the labour market consequences of the COVID outbreak and the resulting economic crisis. Chapter 2 investigates the uneven access to unemployment benefits for workers in part-time and less stable jobs, which often accentuates the hardship they face in times of crisis and discusses the difficult balance between work incentives and income security. Chapter 3 provides a comparative review of employment protection legislation (EPL) across OECD and includes an improved assessment of regulations for collective redundancies, unfair dismissals and enforcement issues. Chapter 4 takes a fresh look at job polarisation, and in particular the hollowing out of jobs in middle-skill occupations. Finally, Chapter 5 examines the changing labour market outcomes for middle-education vocational, education and training graduates, whose labour market perspectives are challenged by the contraction of jobs in middle-skill occupations.

Survey shows perspectives for learning and development
It is clear that Corona has an impact on Learning & Development within organisations. How do employees experience this impact? Human resources development specialist agency Strategisch Opleiden (in Dutch) compiled a questionnaire about it and received 117 answers, with surprising results (in Dutch, 449 kB). Perhaps the most striking outcome is that a large proportion of the participants basically expects a positive effect of COVID on learning and development. This expectation is noted across all sectors and includes the negative effect experienced by many as well: an increased pressure on jobs and budgets.

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