HRM and skills development – April 2023

01 May 2023

Addressing employee stress is key to a comprehensive benefits strategy
Nearly half of all employees (47%) report feeling stressed in their everyday life, but nearly 70% believe their employer would support them in a time of need. Also, employers that offer a wider array of benefits see higher employee satisfaction. These findings are reported by Mercer in their 2023 Health on Demand Report that you can download after filling in your details.

KI.Fabrik: Robots as teammates
In a new research laboratory at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), humans and robots are working closely together. The goal of the KI.Fabrik flagship project is to develop flexible, learning-enabled robots that support people in their work with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). A film about the project is available.

ChatGPT might lead to greater equity in education
The public launch of ChatGPT has led to considerable dismay at schools and universities. However, a position paper (188 kB) by more than 20 scientists at TUM and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) working in educational, social, computer and data sciences shows that the so-called language models also present many opportunities for education.

Career development - packaging jobs and what they pay today
An inspiring article in Packaging Digest entitled ‘Packaging Jobs and What They Pay Today’ shines a light on the diversity in packaging-related jobs and the variety of skills sets needed to be successful.

Documentarian Samuel Durand believes the future of work is already here
The future of work is a subject that often envisions emerging trends as distant prospects. However, according to documentarian Samuel Durand, it is already a reality for numerous organisations. In other words: the future of work is already here. Samuel observes that people are unique individuals, each striving to excel in their work and seeking fulfilment in various ways. His latest documentary (“Why Do We Even Work”) shows a diverse range of professionals, from freelancers, digital nomads, and creators to those employed by fully remote organisations, delving into the different factors motivating people in their work. Read the Forbes background article here.

Report: Today at Work report
ADP Research’s “Today at Work” report (12.2 MB) is a quarterly workforce report that blends ADP data representing 25 million people with monthly worker sentiment surveys from a stratified random sample of 2,500 workers to provide a recurring, people-centred, and comprehensive view of the world of work. It presents a complete view of the employee’s job lifecycle rooted in data from every career touchpoint, coupled with surveys that capture how people feel about the workplace and how those feelings drive their actions.

Workforce ecosystems and AI
An article by Brookings elaborates on so-called workforce ecosystems: a structure that encompasses actors, from within the organisation and beyond, working to create value for an organisation. Artificial Intelligent (AI) is enabling, driving, and accelerating the emergence of workforce ecosystems. Workforce ecosystems are incorporating human-AI collaboration on both physical and cognitive tasks and introducing new dependencies among managers, employees, contingent workers, other service providers, and AI.

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