Philippines: Second bill to ban single-use plastic bags introduced in Senate

29 October 2014

In August 2014 bill SBN 2337 was introduced to prohibit stores from distributing plastic single-use plastic bags – including biodegradable plastic bags. In September another plastic bag ban was introduced, but the latest bill contains provisions different from the earlier one.
SBN 2415 would create the Plastic Bags Regulation Act of 2014. The Act would prohibit the distribution of single-use plastic bags within a year of passage. Initially, a minimum levy of five pesos would be assessed on customers taking biodegradable plastic and recyclable paper bags. However, after 6 months biodegradable plastic bags would also be banned (Recycling Laws International, 26 September 2014).
Click here for SBN 2415 (500 kB).

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