EU: 2014 municipal solid waste data released

31 March 2016

In the European Union, the amount of municipal waste generated per person in 2014 amounted to 475 kg, down by 10% compared with its peak of 527 kg per person in 2002. Since 2007, the generation of municipal waste per person has constantly decreased in the EU to below its mid-1990s level. Of the 475 kg of municipal waste generated per person in the EU in 2014, 465 kg per person were treated. This treatment followed different methods: 28% was recycled and another 28% landfilled, 27% incinerated and 16% composted. The share of municipal waste recycled or composted in the EU has steadily increased over the time period, from 17% in 1995 to 44% in 2014 (Press Release Eurostat, 22 March 2016).
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