Effectiveness of ISPM No. 15 on reducing infestation rates of wood packaging material

10 June 2014

Researchers at the United States Department of Agriculture compared pre- and post-ISPM15 infestation rates of wood packaging material (WPM) associated with imports entering the USA. They found only a modest reduction in pest infestation rates, declining from about 0.2% (for the 2 years pre-ISPM) to about 0.1% (for the 4 years following ISPM15). It was estimated that about 25 million shipping containers entered the United States in 2013 and that about 52% of containers have WPM. Based on those two figures an infestation rate of 0.1% would represent 13,000 containers per year. It is also important to remember that ISPM15 is not static. An article about the research is published in PLOS ONE.
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