Effect of non-conventional atmospheres and bio-based packaging on the quality and safety of fresh-cut celery during storage

03 April 2014

Increased consumption of fresh-cut celery has led to the need to explore packaging alternatives for celery that can meet consumer, market, and industry needs. Researchers at Michigan State University, USA, studied the effect of bio-based packaging and non-conventional atmospheres on the quality and safety of chlorine-sanitized celery sticks.
They found that the initial gas composition and packaging material both impact the quality and safety of celery sticks. Overall, the combination PLA and 95 kPa O2 proved most beneficial in maximizing both the safety and quality of celery sticks during 1 week of storage at 7 C. An article about the research is published in Postharvest Biology and Technology.
Click here for an abstract of the article.

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