Do’s and don’ts in sustainable packaging

05 April 2016

“There are only few subjects in the Dutch society about which there is so little difference in opinion as about sustainable packaging: we all think it should be done. The only things left are the ‘devils in the detail’, and those are about a thousand per second...”.
This is the introduction of an article in specialist journal VMT in which some of the basic principles of sustainable packaging are discussed, illustrated with recent examples from the Netherlands and abroad. The article also discusses how the NVC information services (e.g. MERGE), projects and education (e.g. the online course Sustainable Innovation in Packaging) help business with sustainable innovation in packaging.
Click here for the online article (in Dutch).
With NVC MERGE (Members-only Environmental Regulations Guide) you can stay up-to-date with the environmental requirements for your packaging. MERGE is exclusively for NVC members and there are no costs involved.
Click here for more information about the NVC Inspiration meeting on the effectiveness of the Dutch policy on packaging and the environment (September 7th 2016).
Click here for more information about the NVC E-Workshop Sustainable Innovation in Packaging.

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