The 4 Rs in sustainable packaging for e-commerce

01 December 2014

Ameripen has published a paper on the sustainability aspects of packaging (Packaging: At The Forefront of E-Commerce Growth & Sustainability). US retailers reported e-commerce sales of €200 billion in 2013. The 200 million US digital shoppers spend an average of €2,150 annually, up 25% since 2011.
Given that e-commerce typically bypasses purchasing at traditional stores and puts more packaging in the hands of consumers, doing a few simple things by them (nicknamed “the 4 Rs”) can ensure that the packaging materials do not end up in landfills. These are: Reduce and consolidate orders, Reuse packaging at home, Return packaging to shipping stores and Recycle cardboard and other materials.
Click here to download the report (1.64 MB).
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