Meeting NVC IWG Pharmaceutical Packaging Innovation

30 June 2016

The successful second meeting of the NVC International Working Group Pharmaceutical Packaging Innovation took place on Friday 24 June 2016. During this meeting we continued the work for which the NVC position paper ‘Better health by caring for packaging’, published last year, was the foundation. In two breakout sessions, the working group discussed the subjects ‘Patient friendly packaging’ and ‘Web Retail and Pharma Packaging’. More than twenty participants from all over the world shared the latest global insights, discussed the results of the joint action points that had been agreed upon in the previous (2015) working group meeting and set the work programme for 2016-2017.
Click here to download the NVC Position paper ‘Better health by caring for packaging’ (418 kB).
Please contact Ger Standhardt if you would like to join the NVC International Working Group Pharmaceutical Packaging Innovation.
Click here for more information about the online NVC E-Course Pharmaceutical Packaging that will start again on 2 November.

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