Unique World Seminar attempts to solve the Packaging Paradox

11 February 2013

On March 5th, 2013 the world’s leading scientists and business leaders meet to try to solve what is sometimes called “the Packaging Paradox”. This paradox reflects the fact that packaging must protect and secure the product during its travel towards the end-user (consumer), but should also allow the safe and easy use of the product at the point of use (consumption).

The 2nd World Seminar on Accessible and Inclusive Design in Packaging includes speakers from Japan, Korea, USA, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, France and Sweden and covers accessible and inclusive design for packaged products like soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and dairy products and consumer electronics. The aim of this unique seminar is to create new pathways for more inclusive and accessible products by innovative thinking, to the benefit of mankind.

The seminar is hosted by NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre and will be held in the ancient town of Gouda, the Netherlands. Gouda is conveniently located at a one hour travel distance from Amsterdam International Airport.

To register please visit the NVC Agenda at www.nvc.nl or contact Ger Standhardt.

Best Western Plus City Hotel Gouda
Hoge Gouwe 201
2801 LE  Gouda
The Netherlands

Ger Standhardt, NVC manager Knowledge Development and Projects, g.standhardt@nvc.nl