NVC supports business with new graduates from the NVC Course Programmes in Packaging

29 May 2013

Innovative and sustainable packaging requires companies to invest in the competences of their employees and NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre helps with their advanced NVC Course Programmes in Packaging.

After completion of the final examination meeting today, nineteen (19) students have qualified for the Diploma NVC Packaging Manager or NVC Packaging Technologist (NVC Verpakkingskundige). This is a 90% success score for the NVC Education and Training department.

The Diploma Ceremony will take place in Gouda on June 25th, 2013. This meeting is open for anyone interested in the development of competences for professionals in packaging in the (intern)national knowledge economy, however notification on beforehand is required, please send an email to i.walstra@nvc.nl.

More than 500 NVC Packaging Managers and NVC Packaging Technologists (NVC Verpakkingskundigen) have obtained their highly-valued degree over the past twenty years. They hold a wide range of positions in the industry, for example  (senior) purchaser, packaging technologist, sales manager, quality assurance manager, R&D manager or supply chain manager. Application areas of the packaging knowledge at this advanced level range from food to non-food and from industrial goods to (mass) consumer products. 

The new groups of the NVC Course Programme in Packaging I – middle management (in Dutch) and NVC Course Programme in Packaging II - upper management (in Dutch) start in September 2013. Students have access to all educational material, the study planning and the study guide via the new online application www.learningatNVC.nl for 24 hours/day and 7 days/week.  All materials are provided in printed syllabi, but are also accessible via PC, iPad and Galaxy Tab. This implies that students can prepare the lessons and tasks very elegantly at their own location and with their own timing. Both highly successful course  programmes also include company visits and group work to be done. In this way, students increase their personal professional network and grow their expertise in the field of packaging. 

More information
For questions or to register for one of the course programmes in September, please contact Charissa Koolen, c.koolen@nvc.nl.