NVC diploma takes off as passport to European packaging knowledge market

25 June 2013

The Diplomas NVC Packaging Technologist and NVC Packaging Manager are taking off to become a passport to the European packaging knowledge market by connecting to the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning (EQF). This vision was unveiled by chairman Matthijs Jansen of the Stichting NVC Examens, the independent Foundation which is organising the examination process since 1997. He addressed 19 new professionals at the festive Graduation Ceremony which was held Tuesday June 25th in Gouda, The Netherlands.

The Diplomas NVC Packaging Technologist and NVC Packaging Manager have been validated by NUFFIC in The Hague earlier-on and thereby were made compatible with the education systems available in over 30 countries. In those days, Europe did not have a unified approach. Meanwhile, Brussels has started the development of the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning, EQF. By validating the diplomas in the context of the EQF, we assure that our graduates can use their diploma throughout Europe without additional questions. That is very important in our internationalising world. Professionals can apply their packaging skills more easy in different countries to the benefit of their own development as well as to the companies employing them.

Webinar August 27th, 2013
The chairman of the Stichting NVC Examens concluded his speech with a request to all NVC graduates (over 500) for their support in the EQF-validation proceedings. On Tuesday, August 27th an online webinar will be held (from 10 till 11 AM CET) addressing the way forward and the detailed planning. For more info and/or to receive a link with the login-data, please contact Irma Walstra.

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