New online learning environment facilitates competence development for packaging professionals worldwide

24 July 2013

High-quality advanced education for packaging professionals worldwide is now available via live online sessions in the new NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre’s online learning environment “LearningatNVC”.

Currently five NVC E-Workshops are facilitated this way, each consisting of two three-hour sessions divided over two separate workshop days. The workshop language is business English and all supporting documentation is provided in English as well. Students can participate collaboratively or individually in online assignments, being either offered in real-time during the E-Workshop itself or offline as preparation or reference after the E-Workshop has taken place.

The five NVC E-Workshops currently on offer are: Paper and Board Packaging, Flexible Plastic Packaging, Food Contact Materials Legislation, Labelling of Food Products, and Sustainable Innovation in Packaging.

More information
For questions or to register for one of the E-Workshops, please contact Antje Augustinus,