Great Generations Debate on Packaging in 2028: “Make sure you are part of the future!”

28 November 2013

"It is impossible to predict exactly which trends will shape the future. The most important business objective therefore is to ensure that your company is a part of the future - a future that starts today. By participating in this phenomenal Generations Debate on Packaging in 2028, you have already taken a step in the right direction. I wish you all the best in your business: tomorrow, next year and in all the coming years until the 75th anniversary of the NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre in 2028!”.

With these words NVC president Peter van der Knaap concluded the Great Generations Debate on Packaging in 2028. The Debate took place on November 28th ,2013 in the context of the 60th anniversary of the association NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre. NVC (founded in 1953) is the association of companies addressing the activity of packaging throughout the supply chain of packaged products. The NVC membership, projects, information services and education programme stimulate the continuous improvement of packaging. Anno 2013 NVC has more than 550 member companies, ranging from retailers to packaging suppliers and from equipment manufacturers to design agencies.
The Debate took place at NVC member company Milgro. From an innovative view on waste, Milgro takes charge of the daily waste streams for its clients. Milgro reduces the wasting of resources by applying integral waste management and complete insight. This results in a positive financial result for the client, better environmental performance and opportunities to innovate.

Ninety participants, from three generations, joined the Debate. The generations were: The Young Talents (age 18-25), The Backbones (age 26-49) and The Eminences Grises (age 50+). Firstly, each generation developed a vision on packaging in 2028, each in their own separate room, with help of a debate manager. A dedicated Trend Form with the eight most important packaging trends of 2013 was used as a starting point for this. Each generation could also add one or more extra new trends.

Subsequently the plenary Debate took place. This resulted in a wealth of unique, surprising and inspiring insights which will be analysed by NVC in the coming weeks. All participants and all other NVC members will receive the resulting bilingual (English and Dutch) Debate Report in January 2014.

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