US: EPA updates TSCA Work Plan for Chemical Assessments

02 December 2014

In October 2014, EPA issued the TSCA Work Plan for Chemical Assessments: 2014 Update to reflect updated data submitted to EPA by the chemical industry on chemical releases and potential exposures. This is the first update to the TSCA Work Plan. Many chemicals were added, because production volumes increased and consumer uses have changed, leading to a higher exposure scores. Other chemicals that were added were Action Plan chemicals. Among of the chemicals added in the 2014 update are phtalates, like (dibutyl phthalate (DBP), butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP), di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), and Bisphenol A (BPA). The updated TSCA Work Plan contains 90 chemicals (EPA Website, October 2014).
Click here to download the 2014 Update (673 kB).
Click here for more information about the TSCA Work Plan.

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