UK: Report Courtauld Commitment phase 2 – amount of packaging waste reduced

04 December 2013

The UK grocery sector has reduced food and packaging waste by 1.7 million tonnes under the Courtauld Commitment Phase 2 agreement. Traditional product and packaging waste in the grocery supply chain was reduced by 7.4%, exceeding the 5% target. The carbon impact of grocery packaging was reduced by 10.0% against a target of 10%. A 3.7% absolute reduction in total household food waste was achieved against a target of 4%.
When rising production and sales volumes as well as number of households are taken into account, relative reductions of 8.3% in supply chain waste, 14.8% in the carbon impact of packaging and 6.1% in total household food waste have been achieved (News Item WRAP, 28 November 2013).
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