Five tips to be prepared for the ADR changes of 2015

29 September 2014

On 1 January 2015 the new ADR becomes effective. In 2015 there will be new or changed requirements for, among others, the dimensions of the text ‘overpack’ and ‘salvage packaging’, packagings for the transport of lithium-ion-batteries and energy cells in the waste phase, and the transport of ‘discarded’ packagings that will be given the new UN-number 3509.
EVO gives a practical overview of the changes. After registration you can download an overview of the provisional changes to ADR 2015 in the English language. This overview is completed with the Dutch changes in exemptions that have been made. These exemptions are in Dutch (EVO news item, 23 September 2014).
Click here for the full news item (in Dutch).
Click here to download the overview of the changes (registration required).
Click here for more information about the NVC Workshop Packaging according to the ADR (in Dutch).

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