UvA and AUAS/HvA: 100% bioplastic that is soluble in water

19 March 2014

Chemistry researchers at the UvA, discovered a 100% bioplastic by chance during trials to develop biofuel. This new kind of bioplastic consists of glycerol and citric acid, and is therefore completely plant-based and biodegradable. Moreover, it is soluble in water. The AUAS/HvA is now researching various practical applications for the bioplastic, so that it can be used in consumer products.
The exact formula for the 100% bioplastic will remain secret, as the UvA has patents on it. The AUAS/HvA is working on the application of bioplastic through its CleanTech research programme, which focuses on sustainable technologies (News Item UvA, 24 February 2014).
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Click here for more information about the CleanTech programme (in Dutch).

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