Creating bioplastics from wastewater: inauguration of pilot plant in Leeuwarden NL

07 February 2014

Research has shown that it is possible to create value from wastewater by producing renewable resources such as bioplastics. This opportunity has led to a joint initiative of the Swedish company AnoxKaldnes, KNN Bioplastic, the Province of Friesland and Friesland Water Authority, where bioplastics recovery is being tested at a pilot installation located at the wastewater plant in Leeuwarden.
The organisations together strive towards a regional circular production chain of bioplastics and, to support this goal, the province recently granted KNN Bioplastic a 100 000 EUR subsidy. This test facility is one step closer to the goal (Press Release Friesland Water Authority, 29 January 2014).
Click here for the press release (249 kB).

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