SIN List update including new tool for sustainable substitution

28 October 2014

Since 2008 the SIN List has been highlighting chemicals of high concern that are likely to be subject to future EU regulation, and as a result it has been recognised as an important driver for innovation. This update lists an additional 28 chemicals for priority action and takes one step further by launching SINimilarity – a tool for identifying SIN-like chemicals and thereby avoiding non-sustainable substitution.
To give a better overview of the chemicals, the SIN List has now also been divided into 31 groups based on structure and toxic properties. Examples of these groups are bisphenols, phthalates and perfluorinated compounds (Press Release ChemSec, 8 October 2014).
Click here for the full press release.
Click here to download the overview of the new SIN List substances (393 kB).
Click here for an overview of the presentations during the SINnovation meeting.

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