Retail and e-commerce - November 2021

03 December 2021

Packaging for transport and logistics
KU Leuven has published a paper (3.5 MB) in SN Applied Sciences entitled ‘On the use of paper to facilitate recyclability of suspension packaging’. One of the results is, that based on the material tests carried out, it is not possible to conclude that plastic stretch film can be replaced by commercial paper as winding material for suspension packaging.

Reusable packaging
A track and trace system is the answer to encourage reusable packaging, says new research (646 kB) by Lancaster University published in Sustainable Production and Consumption. Currently organisations pay environmental taxes when packaging is released onto the market, but with digital trackers, it would be possible, to exempt organisations from paying every time their packaging is re-filled. In this way, track and trace allows governments to create taxation that incentivises reuse.

Ethics of digital technology in the food sector
Another paper (1.6 MB) by Lancaster University about the ethics of digital technology in the food sector has been published in the journal ‘Patterns’. Imagine a world in which smart packaging for supermarket ready meals updates you in real-time, to tell you about carbon footprints, gives live warnings on product recalls, and instant safety alerts because allergens were detected unexpectedly in the factory.

E-commerce test guidelines for groceries
According to a recent IAPRI article, the current worldwide boom in e-commerce could – and probably should – be followed by a surge in package performance testing and sustainable design. As part of the development process for a generalised test for e-commerce fulfilment through to the end consumer, an ISTA workgroup recently finished collecting observational data from three major retailers, and has undertaken a ‘compare and contrast’ process with the existing Amazon protocol.

Annual unboxing survey
According to the sixth annual unboxing survey by Macfarlane Packaging, 19% of the respondents would not continue to buy from a retailer that didn’t use sustainable packaging. Around 9% of the goods arrived damaged, an increase compared to 2020 (5%). You can download the survey after filling in your details.

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