Retail and e-commerce - May 2021

01 June 2021

Developments in Retail
CBS (in Dutch) states that on 1 January 2021 there were 85.5 thousand physical retail points in the Netherlands, almost 900 less than a year earlier. This decline is in line with the average decline since 2010, so a clear influence of the corona crisis is not visible so far.
The first edition of the Marketplace Monitor by Multiscope (in Dutch) and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences shows that 54% of all new online product purchases in the Netherlands are made through online marketplaces. Another study by Multiscope (in Dutch) finds that in 2020 almost 23 million online purchases were returned in the Netherlands. In the category clothing, even a third of the orders went back. The main reason for this is that purchases do not meet expectations.

Requirements for reusable food packaging
In March 2021, KIDV published an article on the requirements for reusable food packaging. This article refers to two studies that KIDV commissioned last year. The PackBack study (11 MB) investigates whether and how standardisation of reusable packaging can be introduced. The objective was to gain insight into the requirements of different actors for primary reusable food packaging for the most efficient and effective cleaning and return logistics. The YOYO.BoostReuse study (1.2 MB) investigates the influence of frequent washing of reusable meal containers. This study looked at the effects of washing and storing food on the various types of containers, such as colour and discolouration of the packaging, the retention of drops and stains, odour residues and scratch resistance.
The Sustainable Packaging Coalition has published an article about the Shipping Liquids Collaborative. The goal of the collaborative is to align stakeholders in order to provide recommendations and best practices to successfully prevent damage, minimise packaging waste, minimise cost and promote recyclability.

Understanding the path to purchase
Euromonitor International has published a report entitled ‘Understanding the Path to Purchase: 2021 Global Consumer Types’. Consumers and companies have been forced to embrace digital platforms for shopping, communication and other day-to-day activities under strict lockdowns and limited in-person interactions since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, all consumer types now have some elements of a Digital Enthusiast. You can download the report after filling in your details.

Omnichannel shopper landscape
IPSOS has published a report (749 kB) entitled ‘The retail rollercoaster, Riding the ups and downs of today’s omnichannel shopper landscape’. It presents some key observations of retail in pandemic times and explores whether we are indeed moving in new and unforeseen directions or are instead seeing acceleration of anticipated trends. Looking at what this all means, they set out ways for retailers, and the products that stock their shelves and websites, to stay on track during the ups and downs to come.
ShoppingTomorrow (in Dutch) has published an article identifying three trends towards 2030 within e-commerce. The three trends they see are Omnicommerce, Development of ecosystems and Decentralised marketplaces.

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