Retail and e-commerce - March 2020

30 March 2020

Developments and COVID-19 in retail
Ecommerce Europe launched a survey (summary, 528 kB) to assess the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on e-commerce in Europe. Both national e-commerce associations and company members took part in the survey.
Smithers forecasts the global retail-ready packaging market to reach over $77 billion by 2024. Smithers also takes a look at how e-commerce shapes the future world for packaging. According to CBS, the Dutch retail sector realised 3.4% turnover growth in 2019. (in Dutch) reports that, according to the Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor (infographic in Dutch, 1.2 MB), growth in Dutch online spending is still being fuelled by the sharp increase in online spending within Food. The PMMI report Trends and Advances in Food Packaging and Processing presents a collective voice of fifty-five of the largest food manufacturers and SMEs sharing their insight into the changes and challenges taking place on the factory floor. An executive summary can be downloaded after filling in your details.
A retail study (1.2 MB) published by IBM exposes changing purchasing behaviour.
A bluepaper by ShoppingTomorrow provides an in-depth look at the latest developments within blockchain, the influence of blockchain on retailers, pitfalls and success factors, and a number of future perspectives. The bluepaper can be downloaded after filling in your details.

E-commerce and online delivery
According to BNR (in Dutch), GroenLinks (in Dutch) wants an extra tax for super-fast parcel delivery because the principle of 'ordered today, delivered tomorrow' is resulting in a lot of unnecessary nightwork in distribution centres.
According to Multiscope (in Dutch), nearly 3 million Dutch people have done their shopping at an online supermarket in the past year. This means that online shopping has almost doubled since 2016.
The NOS (in Dutch) reports that Internet giant Amazon is starting with a Dutch webshop.
ISO has published the latest ISOfocus (12 MB) with a special focus on e-commerce. The role of international standards in shaping this technological disruptor is highlighted and a look is taken at what’s in store for 2020.
L.E.K. Consulting has published the report ‘Is It Time for Brand Owners To Think Beyond Omnichannel Packaging’ (summary, 619 kB).
Researchers at Fujian University of Technology wrote an article (2.2 MB) with the title ‘Green Manufacturing Strategy of E-Commerce Express Packaging in China’. The article is published in
The International Technology Management Review.

Return shipments in e-commerce
ABN AMRO has published an article (in Dutch) about ‘returnless refunds’ of online purchases.
The study, “Does Shopping Behavior Impact Sustainability?,” conducted by Deloitte on behalf of Simon Property Group, found that a number of factors, including increased returns and additional packaging, contribute to e-commerce’s negative environmental impact. Radboud University research also shows that online shopping fulfilled by parcel delivery services is associated with the highest levels of greenhouse gas emissions. An article (1.4 MB) about the research is published in Environmental Science & Technology.
According to Het Parool (in Dutch), online supermarket Picnic will be picking up parcels from DHL.

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