Retail and e-commerce - August 2020

08 September 2020

Developments in retail
RetailX has launched the 2020 Ecommerce Country Report for Italy. You can download the summary after filling in your details.
In 2019, the growth in parcel delivery in the Netherlands compensated the decrease in postal delivery, according to a recent report (in Dutch, 803 kB) by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).
As a supplement of Packaging World, PMMI has published ‘Packaging for E-commerce’, with shifting habits in post-COVID-19, the growing E-commerce channel and its packaging.
RetailSonar (in Dutch) has analysed the current sales data from store locations in Belgium and the Netherlands and the corresponding webshops. The report can be downloaded after filling in your details.
Deloitte published a report (2.6 MB) in which seven data-driven trends defining the future of the retail and consumer products industry are described.

Shopping behaviour of customer
How people decide what to buy lies in the “messy middle” of the purchase journey, according to the report Decoding Decisions (3.4 MB) recently published by Google.
Euromonitor looks beyond standard demographics and profiles 11 distinct personality-driven consumer types in a new report that you can download after filling in your details. Euromonitor also published it’s 2020 Digital Consumer Survey, which captures the role and influence of technology on commerce, tracking consumer behaviour, motivations and values. You can download the report after filling in your details.
Uppsala University has published a master thesis entitled ‘A world without packaging?: How can food retailers reframe the practice of packaging?’
As IRI continues to monitor the global pandemic, a new report (1.9 MB) provides insights into how COVID-19 is impacting purchase and shopping behaviours.
Dotcom Distribution’s eCommerce Consumer Survey study shows that when it comes to picking which brands they want to shop with, consumers say that sustainable packaging is a key factor. You can download the report after filling in your details.
A retail study (in Dutch, 13.3 MB) published by IPG Mediabrands maps the purchasing behaviour of Dutch consumers.
Public opinion research sponsored by Oceana shows that Amazon customers are buying more online due to COVID-19, but they are concerned about the plastic pollution.

LCA for e-commerce packaging
On 23 July 2020, Lieke van der Worp held a speech entitled ‘Requirement Lifecycle Management for e-commerce packaging’ as part of her master assignment at the University of Twente. Chairman of the assessment committee was professor Roland ten Klooster who holds the NVC Chair Packaging Design and Management.

Online delivery and last-mile
New research from project44 finds that in the face of economic uncertainty, buyers still expect companies to maintain fast delivery practices, increase sustainability, and keep customer data secure. You can download the summary after filling in your details. A new report, commissioned by SOTI, shows that the last-mile delivery is the most inefficient process of the entire supply chain. You can download the report after filling in your details.

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