Manufacturing logistics and procurement – March 2020

31 March 2020

COVID-19 and logistics
The Institute for Supply Management® (ISM®) has revealed the first-round of results of a survey focused on how COVID-19 impacts business and supply chain.

Blockchain in logistics
An Auburn University study proves the viability of blockchain as a common platform for supply chains. You can download a whitepaper about the study after filling in your details. A consortium of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology, TNO, BlockLab and evofenedex (in Dutch) is collaborating in blockchain technology, aiming to implement major improvements in logistics chains and processes with the aid of blockchain technology.

Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing and machine learning
New TNO spin-off AMSYSTEMS BV makes industrial 3D printing faster and cheaper.
Siemens’ new National Smart Machine Industry Benchmark shows that developments in the Smart Industry offer Dutch machine manufacturers new opportunities to proactively develop services for customers. The report (in Dutch) can be downloaded after filling in your details.
In an article, the International Federation of Robotics shows top trends to innovate in the field of robots.
ANSI advises using ISO 14224 methods to optimise equipment performance data quality and results from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Researchers from the TU/e are working together with other two universities, one research institute, and four companies in the I.AM. project. The aim is to make robots able to reliably predict the effect of soft and hard collisions with surrounding objects and environment on their movements, so that they can exploit impacts to speed up and improve pick-and-place and packaging tasks.
ETH Zürich researchers have developed a novel yet low-cost tactile sensor with the help of machine learning.
The European Commission has presented a vision for the future (923 kB) on artificial intelligence. Action is needed to put Europe on the Al world map.
The kick-off of the Digital Factory of the Future innovation project took place at the Brainport Industries Campus (in Dutch). The aim of the program is to jointly develop faster and smarter production processes and sharing (innovation) facilities, leading to lower cost, higher quality and above all a faster time to market for innovative products.

Smart supply chain
The report ‘Power your potential: the value of the smart supply chain’ by PA Consulting explores the opportunities available and how organisations can unlock additional value from the move to smart supply chains. The report can be downloaded after filling in your details.
MHI has published the report ‘Embracing the Digital Mindset’ which also provides insight into the technology innovation taking place across the supply chain industry and the associated workforce challenges. The report can be downloaded after filling in your details.
On 20 February 2020, Malou van der Vegt held a speech entitled ‘‘Development of a toolbox to support and facilitate the implementation of sustainability in the packaging chain’ as part of her master assignment at the University of Twente. Chairman of the assessment committee was professor Roland ten Klooster who holds the NVC Chair Packaging Design and Management.

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