Research: Effects of packaging solutions on characteristics of red raspberries in postharvest storage

08 August 2014

Postharvest life of raspberries is limited due to their high respiration rate, loss of firmness and freshness and susceptibility to fruit rot. Researchers at the University of Milan in Italy evaluated the effects of various packaging solutions on the properties of raspberries. Plastic materials with low (LDPE) and high (LDPE/EVOH/LDPE) gas barrier, a biopolymeric film (PLA) with medium gas barrier and micro perforated stretch film (PVC) were used.
All samples showed a clear loss of firmness after 4 days of storage, which was maximally reduced in the case of LDPE/EVOH/LDPE and PLA packages. An article about the research is published in Postharvest Biology and Technology.
Click here for an abstract of the article.

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