NVC chairs Shopping2020 Expert Group Packaging for E-Commerce

10 June 2014

NVC supports the Shopping2020 innovation project and is chairman of the Expert Group Packaging for E-Commerce. This group addresses the threats and opportunities for packaging in the context of the rapidly expanding world of e-commerce. E-commerce will grow from 5% to 20% of retail by 2025.
The activity of packaging is defined by NVC as: temporarily integrating an external function and a product to enable the use of the product. Many of the conventional concepts in retail and industry will have to be re-evaluated and maybe even breakthrough innovations are needed. One important goal is the development of a global Position Paper: Packaging as Driver for a Sustainable Future of E-Commerce.
Click here for more information about the Shopping2020 Expert Group Packaging for E-Commerce (in Dutch).
If you are interested in participating in this expert group, please contact Michael Nieuwesteeg.

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