NL: Superfoods often incorrectly labelled

24 June 2014

Four of the 8 superfoods sampled by the Dutch consumer association prove to be labelled incorrectly. False claims, missing information in Dutch or the claim ‘high in iron’ without the mentioning of the iron content are the main findings. Research was done on Inca berries, white mulberries, chia seed, hemp seeds, cocoa nibs, baobab powder, maca powder and wheat grass powder. In particular, the amount of minerals and vitamins was exaggerated. For the 4 products labelled correctly a remark is made that there usually is not a shortage of the vitamins and minerals they contain when eating a normal diet, or that they could be extracted from cheaper food (News Release Consumentenbond, 11 June 2014).
Click here for the Dutch consumer association’s news release (in Dutch).
Click here for the Dutch consumer association’s report (in Dutch, 992 kB).

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