NL: Abolishing deposit on plastic bottles postponed

30 June 2014

Dutch state secretary Mansveld has informed the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) in a letter that she is not yet going to give permission to abolish the deposit on large plastic bottles. The industry (companies that pack products) has not met all of the requirements stated in the Packaging Agreement 2013-2022 (Raamovereenkomst). The Inspectorate for the Environment (ILT) has reported that packaging material containing PVC can still be found in the Dutch supermarkets.
Basically, it is up to the industry to decide whether or not to keep the deposit system in place. However the state secretary has to give permission to abolish it (News Item Government of the Netherlands, 11 June 2014).
Click here for the news item (in Dutch).
Click here for the letter to the House of Representatives (270 kB, in Dutch).
Click here for the ILT report (402 kB, in Dutch).
Click here for a letter sent by the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) asking the state secretary to postpone the abolishment of the deposit systems (62 kB, in Dutch).
Click here for the TNO analysis of the WUR and CE reports concerning the costs of the deposit system (646 kB, in Dutch).

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