NL: Louis Bolk Institute publication ‘Equivalence of the EKO label: Comparative study of European Biological Plus Labels’

24 June 2014

The Dutch EKO label is a national (private) label that recognizes sustainability of the organic sector. The principle is similar to ‘plus labels’ for organic products that are applied in some other EU countries. These plus labels impose additional requirements on top of the European rules for organic products.
The study provides an overview of the similarities and differences between the ‘plus labels’. Aspects such as regional production, nature and biodiversity and caring for the landscape, fertilization, supply of feed and feed rations as well as use of fossil oils are discussed, and show that private labels go beyond the European directives (Louis Bolk Institute, 2014).
Click here for the entire report (in Dutch, 648 kB).
Click here for the summary on the Louis Bolk website (in Dutch).

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