NL: Dutch House discusses deposit on PET bottles and other packaging waste subjects

20 August 2014

On 18 June the Dutch House (Tweede Kamer) Committee on Infrastructure and Environment discussed among other subjects the separate collection of beverage cartons and postponing the abolishment of the deposit on large PET bottles. What are the requirements going to be that have to be fulfilled next year so that the state secretary can give permission to abolish the deposit? A number of questions were posed regarding the extent in which the requirements stated in the Packaging Agreement 2013-2022 (Raamovereenkomst) have been met. Because of the limited time state secretary Mansveld promised to answer the rest of the questions in a letter.
On 13 August the final report of the meeting was published.
Click here for the final report of the meeting (150 kB, in Dutch).
Click here for the letter with the remaining answers (439 kB, in Dutch).

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