Marketing, sales and consumer behaviour – January 2021

01 February 2021

Packaging markets
The Packaging Annual Review 2020 by MP Corporate Finance gives an overview of the EU paper and plastic packaging industry from a financial perspective and gives predictions on how the “new normal” will evolve in 2021. You can receive the report after registering.
According to the European Bioplastics market data update 2020 (summary, 1.8 MB), packaging remains the largest market segment for bioplastics with with almost 47% (0.99 million tonnes) of the total bioplastics market in 2020. PlasticsEurope has published Plastics – the Facts 2020 (3.89 MB), an analysis of production, demand and waste data in the EU. A Smithers infographic gives a ten year forecast for recycled plastic packaging. You can download the infographic after filling in your details. According to Smithers, polystyrene foams had a 37% share of the polymer foam market in 2020 and are mainly used for packaging. You can read more in a recent article.
The 12th annual Trends Report (summary, 456 kB) for North America from the Foodservice Packaging Institute reveals that the industry is largely focused on safe and sanitary foodservice packaging to meet consumer demand driven by COVID-19 concerns.
RIPA has published a survey and statistics (602 kB) on the US industrial container reconditioning industry in 2019.

Printing and machinery
A Smithers white paper that you can download after filling in your details, looks at how COVID-19 is disrupting the printing industry. A Smithers infographic looks at the future of print in a post-COVID world. You can download the infographic after filling in your details.
Ucima expects the Italian packaging machinery manufacturers turnover to drop to €7.6 billion (-5%) in 2020.
PMMI has published the report ‘Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices - Trends & Opportunities in Packaging Operations’. You can download the report after filling in your e-mail address.

EU: fake goods
According to a new report (1.91 MB) published by the EC, fake goods with a retail value of over €760 million were seized at the EU's external borders in 2019. Packaging materials (13.6%) constitute the third main category of seized goods. A complementary report (1.26 MB) published by EUIPO contains an analysis of the detentions.

Consumer trends
Mintel has published the report ‘Global Food and Drink Trends 2021’ that you can download after filling in your details. The EC has published the Eurobarometer Making our food fit for the future – Citizens' expectations (7.57 MB). EIT Food has published a new report (1.14 MB) on the impact of COVID-19 on EU consumer food behaviour. According to the Sustainable Nutrition Monitor (in Dutch, 642 kB) published by WUR, Dutch consumers spent 18% more on sustainable food (with an independently monitored quality label) in 2019 compared to 2018.
A study (4.8 MB), carried out by WUR shows that consumers recognise the added value of a smart shelf life sensor for fresh products in a (HelloFresh) meal box.

Consumers and sustainable packaging
A number of recent surveys have revealed that consumers prioritise sustainable packaging. McKinsey conducted a global survey, DS Smith conducted a European survey that you can download after filling in your details and ABN AMRO (in Dutch) conducted a Dutch survey (in Dutch, 2.73 MB). A European survey by AMCOR that you can download after filling in your details also found that some consumers say they will pay more for sustainable packaging.

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