Industries’ focus on process control and efficiency boosts European packaging machinery market

05 June 2013

The high standard of living in Europe has popularised packaged goods, including packaged food, beverages, toiletries and cosmetics, thereby spurring demand for packaging machinery in the region. The need for packaging solutions for products of different shapes and sizes, along with manufacturer focus on automation to enhance process efficiency across industries, will sustain investments in the market.
New analysis from Frost & Sullivan’s Analysis of the European Packaging Machinery Market, finds that the market earned revenues of more than $12.62 billion in 2012 and estimates this to reach $14.63 billion in 2016.
Demographic changes such as an aging population and the increasing number of small households in Europe drive the need for single-portion packaging, leading end-user sectors to turn to specialised packaging lines and machinery. Sale volumes have gone up further with the advent of multi-functional packaging equipment that reduce costs and provide better space management. Integrated systems also have greater operational flexibility and can adjust to new production specifications (Press Release Frost & Sullivan, 29 May 2013).