Graduation speech NVC Chair ‘Differentiating structural packaging design for an international target group’

05 June 2012

As part of her masterassignment Daniëlle van den Akker will hold a speech entitled ‘Differentiating structural packaging design for an international target group’. In order to support Unilever in creating differentiating structural packaging designs for Lätta a research question for the master assignment was formulated; “In what way can a differentiating structural packaging design be created for a border-crossing target group?” Based on a literature review a theoretical framework is developed in which many factors are described which should be taken into account when designing a packaging in the context of the research question. However, to give more guidance during the design process the factors of the theoretical framework are converted into a design methodology. To be able to test this theoretical framework and the design methodology a case study is executed. In the case study a structural packaging design is created for Lätta, with a focus on Sweden.
Daniëlle van den Akker is a graduate of prof.dr. Roland ten Klooster of the NVC Chair Packaging Design and Management at Twente University (website Twente University).