Global HDPE market to reach $70bn by 2019

14 March 2013

The versatility of HDPE will help the global market sell to almost $70bn by 2019, according to a new report from Ceresana. Demand from Asia Pacific will be particularly strong, increasing at average growth rates of 4.4% per annum. Eastern Europe, the Middle East and South American will also generate double-digit growth rates, but growth in North America and Western Europe will be slower.
Changes in regional demand will also have an effect on the global production structure, says Ceresana. Over the next 8 years, Asia Pacific will add more than 8 million tonnes in new capacities, while the Middle East will add 7 million tonnes.
The major application for HDPE in 2011 was blow-moulded bottles and other hollow items, accounting for 28% of the global market volume. The next most common applications were film and injection moulded products. Film production is dominant in Asia Pacific, while injection and blow moulding are more popular in North American and Western Europe (Newsletter European PlasticsNews, 13 March 2013).