European Bioplastics: No “green washing” with bioplastics

12 September 2012

False or misleading communication of environmental product properties is a widespread problem in the marketplace. European Bioplastics, the association for the European bioplastics industry, has considered this subject and today published its ‘Environmental Communications Guide for Bioplastics’. “Together with the bioplastics industry, we want to set a new benchmark for good environmental communication – all along the value chain”, says Andy Sweetman, Chairman European Bioplastics.European Bioplastics has developed its Environmental Communications Guide within an international working group of member and non-member experts.
The brochure is available for download . A short summary of the key messages of the guide is also available in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Swedish (Press Release European Bioplastics, 10 September 2012).