Ergonomics research on the cooperation between robot and human

04 February 2014

Robotisation takes place in a range of industrial areas and packaging of products is one of these (e.g. palletising). In the current situation humans and robots usually do their jobs strictly separated from each other. But what happens if they have to work together? A research study by the German Institute for Safety at the Workplace (IFA) and Bonn University shows the complexities involved.
The researchers studied how subjects feel on the aspects of danger and stress when they are working together with a robot, and how their work is affected. They found that feelings of unsafety and uncertainty may arise if the robot moves fast and in a variable trajectory.
Click here for more information about the research (in German).
Robotisation is also discussed in-depth at the NVC Minisymposium Robotisation and automation in packaging on February 28th , 2014. This meeting addresses the serialisation of products to increase the transparency in the supply chain. Also the challenge to combine efficiency and flexibility will be analysed.

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